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YouWinLaw Free Starter Edition

The download includes our First Steps Guide and YouWinLaw Manual plus full Install and Uninstall support.

The Starter Edition is fully functional (including the possibility of testing in your network); there is merely a limit on the number of Clients / Cases (12).

If you upgrade to the Personal or Workgroup Edition of YouWinLaw, you do not need to download and install YouWinLaw again; all your data will be preserved.

Download YouWinLaw Starter Edition

You do not need to register with us to download and use the Starter Edition.
And you do not need any licence codes or registration keys for the installation.

YouWinLaw for existing customers

This is the latest version / build of YouWinLaw. See Knowledge Base for more information about latest build.

Download YouWinLaw Setup

You must already have an existing installation and a valid license for YouWinLaw.

YouWinLaw PDF Tutorials

The most popular PDF Tutorials:

First Steps Guide 6 Tips to get started with YouWinLaw

What Is New In YouWinLaw Describes some of the new features of YouWinLaw

YouWinLaw Manual A complete documentation of YouWinLaw Features and Tips (9MB)

How to install the Workgroup Edition Shows how to install YouWinLaw on your network

More PDFs here:

Please contact us at if you have any questions or issues regarding the download and installation.