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YouWinLaw Pricing Guide

  YouWinLaw Edition
  Starter Personal Workgroup 3 Workgroup 5 Professional Enterprise
Users / Timekeepers 1 1 3 5 5 - 10 10 - 200
Database Microsoft
SQL Express2
SQL Server
Network Test3 Test3 yes yes yes yes, real Client/Server
Dedicated Server - - not required4 not required4 recommended mandatory
Installations 1 PC 1 PC 3 PCs 5 PCs 5 - 10 PCs 10 - 200 PCs
# of Clients / Cases limited5 to 12 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Support Free Email support Free Email support Free Email support Free Email support Partner / Reseller6 Partner / Reseller
Price (One-Time Fee) Free R7 500 R15 000 R20 000 from R34 999 from R62 5997

If you have downloaded and installed the Starter Edition and want to upgrade to the Personal / Workgroup Edition,
there is no need to download and install YouWinLaw again. Just enter the License keys you received from us and,
after restarting YouWinLaw, you will see the correct edition. This is a one-time fee, not a subscription or an annual fee!

1 Microsoft MDB is a free, flat Access Database File (MS Access must not be installed).
2 Microsoft SQL Server Express is a free SQL database server that is ideal for small server data-driven applications. Limitations from Microsoft: the free SQL Server Express supports one physical processor, 1 GB memory, and 10 GB storage.
3 You can install YouWinLaw Starter / Personal Edition on multiple PCs with one central database for testing purposes, but you must log in with one (the same) user.
4 You can install the YouWinLaw Database on one of your PCs. This PC will then act as a "server" for the other PCs.
5 The YouWinLaw Starter Edition is free with all functions enabled. The only restriction is the maximum of 12 Clients / Cases.
6 If your IT professionals are experienced with Microsoft SQL Server, Server, Network, and Windows, they should be able to do the installation themselves. We are using Windows standards for the installation and setup.
7 Microsoft SQL Server and Client Licenses not included.